7200 save their seafarer 'tickets'

More than 7200 seafarers opted to save their legacy seafarer certificates, registering by the 1 September cut-off for ring-fencing so they can keep working.
“We’ve saved over 10,000 seafarer ‘tickets’,” says Maritime NZ Personnel Certification manager Lou Christensen. “We thank all those seafarers for getting on board with ring-fencing. It’s been a massive effort, but we’re pleased to have registered so many people. We had almost 400 registrations in the final week.”
While some seafarers decided not to ring-fence as they were retiring or had left the industry, others registered their tickets to keep their options open or for sentimental reasons.
“We know that people’s tickets are important to them and that’s why ring-fencing has been a priority for us,” Lou says.
Maritime NZ ran an extensive year-long awareness campaign to make sure as many seafarers as possible would know how to register their tickets. “Thank you to anyone who let a mate know about ring-fencing. You did them - and us - a favour.”
The ring-fencing team is making good progress on processing the applications received and will have Verification of Status (VoS) cards in the mail to applicants in the coming weeks.
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