"Eat them neat" say Bluff oyster lovers

"Eat Bluff oysters neat", is the advice avid oyster lovers have been dishing out ahead of the Bluff oyster season, kicking off this March.

Serving a "neat" Bluff oyster is as you'd expect - its simply perfect served as it is - fresh, raw and straight from the shell. If you like a little sophistication, you can garnish them with a splash of lemon juice though some say that even this addition is more than New Zealand's fresh and succulent Bluff oysters need, in order to taste fantastic. Some seafood restaurants have even been spotted with Bluff oyster shots on their menu - "neat" both in presentation, and in character.

Coming fresh in to season now, Bluff oysters are being celebrated as the Fish of the Month for March: www.fishofthemonth.co.nz. A high demand for Bluff oysters has been anticipated again this season with early indications pointing to another bumper catch.

The oysters from Bluff are reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities. Although no specific research currently exists to support this, they contain high levels of zinc which assists with hormone regulation and may increase libido.

A must-try for any Kiwi, it's great to know that only a certain number of Bluff oysters (also known as 'dredge oysters') are carefully harvested from our waters each season in order to maintain sustainable stocks for years to come.

New Zealand's Bluff oysters are nature's own ready-made finger food, or meal ingredient, great served raw and neat, or cooked and garnished. Don't miss out; get them right now while they're at their best!

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Seafood New Zealand Limited
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