Green by name, green by nature

February's Fish of the Month, Greenshell Mussels, are the emerald of the sea. With their iridescent emerald-green shells and plump meat, they are naturally eye-catching on the plate and scrumptious on the palate.

As a green food source, Greenshell Mussels are unique to New Zealand waters and take all their required nutrients from filtering seawater. Nothing else is added.

Even better, as they filter the water around them, their presence actually enhances the ecosystem. So it's not surprising that New Zealand's Greenshell Mussels are commonly referenced as one of the best sustainable seafood options.

Greenshell Mussels can be dressed up in a number of ways and suit many cooking styles and flavours (see: But make no mistake; they are also a natural beauty which can be enjoyed as they are, particularly under the grill or on the BBO. Bursting with a mouth-watering flavour, it's no wonder these gems are sought after by seafood lovers the world-over.

GreenshellTM Mussels are naturally good for you -they are high in protein (which gives you that 'full' feeling faster) and low in saturated fat. They're also a good source of iron and Omega-3. They are also used in nutraceutical products for their anti-inflammatory properties which can assist with improving joint pain, stiffness and mobility.

GreenshellTM Mussels are the whole package- you simply can't go past them for their versatility, nutrition and health benefits, and year-round availability.

For more information, contact:
Karin Kos
Communications Manager
Seafood New Zealand Limited