Tarakihi 'the big easy' for January

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas, all we want to do is take it easy. Januarys Fish of the Month, tarakihi, does just that it is 'the big easy'.

Tarakihi has an easy-on-the-palette mild flavour, and easy-to-cook medium flesh. Its easy to find in shops being available year-round, and its just as easy to cook.

Tarakihi is also versatile - it can be baked, fried, poached, crumbed, grilled served in summer and winter dishes from salads to curries. You name it; tarakihi is likely to be suitable for most dishes, so keep it on your shopping list all year-round.

Tarakihi has a mild and nutty flavour and is one of the easiest seafood options to put on your kids plates. Making it fun to eat in homemade fish burgers or served as oven baked fish bites is worth it - according to Food Standards Australia New Zealand much of New Zealand and Australias food supply is low in iodine which has led to widespread iodine deficiency. Baked tarakihi is a good source of iodine which is especially important for children, as it is essential for normal growth and brain development.

Combine our great meal ideas on fishofthemonth.co.nz with this versatile fish, and it's almost impossible to go wrong. Try tarakihi in our favourite recipe 'Kiwi as Fush and Chups ( homemade fish and chips), this January.


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