Inshore Fishing Crew Needed

Ocean Fisheries Ltd are based in the Port of Lyttelton. The FV Frontier is a 19m long Fishing Trawler, launched 2004 and fishes with Skipper +3 crew. We require a crewman holding a MEC 6 engineers ticket or equivalent. Most holding a CLM will hold sufficient Engineers ticket as part of CLM. The vessel will fish a 10 days on 4 days off cycle. Remuneration is a share of the catch, with excellent returns expected to continue with the new skipper. All applications should be by telephone or email. Phone contact is encouraged a.s.a.p. to the Skipper : Phil Neame 027 203 6973 or 03 615-6359 or the Company : Andrew Stark 03 328 8550 or 0274 324 848