Seafood Industry Anticipates Savings in New Ministry of Primary Production

 Industry anticipates savings

 11 March 2009

 The New Zealand seafood industry looks forward to savings promised through the new Ministry of Primary Industries, New Zealand Seafood Industry Council chief executive Peter Bodeker says.

 Government said the new merger will reduce duplication and operational costs and deliver annual cost savings of $10 million.

 “The seafood industry welcomes any genuine efficiency gains which can be made at the new Ministry.

 “The industry pays more than $30 million each year to the Ministry of Fisheries as part of an extensive cost recovery regime. If the predicted efficiencies can be achieved, we’d expect to see some reduction in these contributions,” Mr Bodeker said.

 He said there was potential for streamlining at the new Ministry, especially when dealing with areas of common concern across the primary sector.

 “There are wide ranging issues - like space allocation through the Resource Management Act and Emissions Trading policy - which we believe would benefit from a primary sector overview. However, it’s important that this does not come at the expense of a proper consideration of the detail unique to each sector.

 “The seafood industry operates in a complex legislative and policy environment, and we need the new Ministry to reflect that in its structure.

 “There is a lot at stake here - the seafood industry brings in around $1.4 billion each year in exports and employs thousands of New Zealanders. In order to deliver both efficiencies and value to New Zealand, the new Ministry’s Fisheries and Aquaculture capacity needs appropriate staff and resources.”


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