MNZ Qualifications and Operating Limits Review Consultation

Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) has completed the design phase of its qualifications and operational limits review (QOL Review).

The QOL Review aims to develop a clear and logical framework for qualifications and operational limits to meet the needs of New Zealand's commercial maritime sector, now and in the future. The outcome will be relevant qualifications and appropriate operational limits that meet industry needs while ensuring the safety of vessels, their crew, passengers and cargo, and protection of the marine environment.

MNZ is now inviting comment on a proposed new qualifications and operational limits framework (QOL framework) developed in partnership with the maritime community.

A fresh approach has been taken to develop a new framework that better supports industry with a focus on 3Cs - competence, consistency and clarity.

The proposed new framework addresses the key issues with the current framework raised by industry and meets our international maritime obligations. It reflects the diversity of New Zealand's maritime operations and what they need to function effectively. Maintaining the quality of qualifications is a priority.

All holders of MNZ qualifications are affected by the proposed changes and encouraged to read the consultation documents above and provide feedback. Members of New Zealand's wider maritime community are also invited to comment.

Printed copies of the full proposal are available from MNZ on request, please phone 04 473 011 or email

Submissions close on Friday 19 November 2010.

The easiest way to make a submission is to do it online at:

Or you can:

  • Email comments to
  • Fax comments to 04 494 8901
  • Post written submissions to:
    QOL Review consultation
    Maritime New Zealand
    PO Box 27006
    Marion Square
    Wellington 6141

MNZ will be conducting a series of roadshow meetings around the country during October 2010 to give presentations on the proposed changes. A copy of the roadshow programme is attached along with the full QOL proposal and a summary of the key issues below.