Seabird Safe Award 2010

Please find attached oppurtunity to Nominate any fishermen that you think are deserving of such an honour. Southern Seabird Solutions are an organisation that are actively involved in the protection of seabirds within both New Zealand and internationally. I sit on the Management Committee as your representative and Federation have contributed some funding in order that we are recognised as a supporter of the work being done.
I urge you to circulate this to all fishermen you know so that we can inform everyone of these Awards and ask you to encourage any fishermen that has made a difference in this field in order that he/she can be suitably recognised.
I am aware of various efforts that have been made by fishermen independently in respect of mitigation measures. It doesn't matter how big or small an effort, it is the effort that counts.
Please circulate this message to everyone you can and encourage them to participate.
Best Regards, Doug.