Hopefully(?) We've Just Completed Another Great Conference In 2010

Yes, another one is over!

The reports that we have received and also the conference registrations for this conference appear to confirm that there is certainly a resurgance in the members of our industry that wish to participate in the political process that unfortunately, history has taught us we must be a part of if we wish to survive. It is very gratifying to your Executive Committe that so many more of you are so willing to commit and become involved. The Federation today has moved far ahead from the dark days of 2002/03 when there was talk of closing the outfit down!

A key point for us this year as far as the Federation finances are concerned is the great increase in sponsorship that we have gratefully received to assist us in running our conference. To organise, manage and finance a conference of this size and yet still keep attendance for delegates at an affordable level is a difficult task at the best of times. Without the continuing support of our very generous sponsors we would not be able to continue with these annual conferences.

The Federation therefore encourages its members to support our sponsors in the manner that they support us. Our sponsors for 2010 are

  • Platinum and Naming Sponsor:  Sunderland Marine Insurance    
  • Stark Bros Ltd
  • Talley's Group Ltd
  • OceanLaw NZ
  • Dawson Law
  • Stallard Law
  • Endurance Fishing Co. Ltd
  • Challenger Finfish
  • Port Nelson Fishermen's Association
  • Golden Bay/Motueka Fishermen's Association
  • Safe Sea Systems Ltd
  • Fisheries Consultancy NZ Ltd