Marlborough District Council Draft Pilotage By-laws

The Federation has been involved in this process from the outset. We made submissions to Maritime NZ opposing Marlborough District Council's proposals during the MNZ review of Maritime Rule part 90 - Pilotage and MNZ agreed with our position and MDC were unsuccessful. As a result the Council is now attempting to introduce the same conditions through Council Harbour By-Laws.

We have engaged specialist maritime solicitors Dawson Law of Nelson to act on our behalf to fight the ne by-laws. We are working jointly with the Maritime Transport Association (MTA) and individual operators in an attempt to overthrow the proposed by-laws.

We have just been advised that MDC has backed down on many of the pilotage proposals that would place significant costs and restrictions on our vessels using Tory Channel and Picton.

However, the fight is not yet over. We have won a couple of battles on your behalf but we are yet to win the war. We are now concentrating on the draconian berthage and harbour charges prices increases that the Council are seeking for commercial vessels using Picton and the Sounds.

We'll keep you advised so watch this space as we are going to a formal hearing in Blenheim on 3/03/2010 to take our case in opposition to outrageous cost increases forward.