Summary of Key Issues Community Engagement Programme


Here’s a summary of the key issues identified in Maritime New Zealand’s community engagement programme – the first stage of our qualifications and operational limits review (QOL Review).

This information will be used to help direct the design of an improved qualifications and operational limits framework, along with other key inputs including international standards and maritime obligations.

This is your opportunity to review these issues and ensure that MNZ has captured the industry’s major concerns with thecurrent framework before commencing design of the new one. If you think we’ve missed a key point, please let us know using the feedback channel outlined under “Your comments welcome”.

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The QOL Review aims to develop a clear and logical framework for qualifications and operational limits to meet the needs of New Zealand’s commercial maritime industry now and in the future.

The review is the first step in a long-term programme to rationalise and update maritime qualifications and better align them with operational limits. Rules likely to be impacted by the review include: Maritime Rule Part 32 (ship’s personnel – qualifications), any associated changes to Rule Part 20 (operating limits), Rule Parts 31 A, B and C (crewing and watchkeeping), Rule Part 34 (medical standards) and Rule Part 35 (training and examinations).The outcome will be relevant qualifications and appropriate operational limits that meet industry needs while ensuring thesafety of vessels, their crew, passengers and cargo, and protection of the marine environment. Read More..