Pegasus Basin Seismic Survey

Support Services Notification


Start Date:   12 November 2009


Pegasus basin notification brief - Offshore Seismic Survey



Crown Minerals will be conducting a seismic survey over the area indicated south east of Cook Strait during the months of November and December 2009.


Vessel – MV Bergen Resolution, a 73 metre long white ship with a black hull and a red stripe. Streamer – A 10 - 12 km long streamer will be towed just below the surface of the water.

Tail buoy – The end of the streamer is marked by a yellow buoy with a strobe light.

Support vessel - The Ocean Pioneer will accompany the Bergen Resolution.


Please keep at least 5 Nm from the vessel and the tail buoy.


Contact Coast Guard via VHF Channel 16 to learn the current location of the vessel.


Contact or phone 0508 263782 for further information.


WGS84 decimal degrees
Lat Long description
-40.75 178.43 northeast
-43.47 178.43 southeast
-43.47 173.98 southwest
-42.10 173.98 northwest
-41.41 174.87 Baring Head coast around coast towards east to
-40.75 176.26 East Wairarapa Coast