MFISH Announces New Inshore Fisheries Management Team Appointments

7 October 2009



Dear Inshore Fisheries Stakeholder,


October 1 st was an important day for the Ministry of Fisheries with the new Organisation Design coming into effect as well as the start of the new fishing year.  


In addition, Fisheries Minister Phil Heatley recently released Fisheries 2030: New Zealanders maximising benefits from the use of fisheries within environmental limits, which sets the goal and a plan of action for the future management of New Zealand’s fisheries.


Inshore Fisheries Management Team


In recent days, many of you have asked Inshore Fisheries Management Team members the following questions:


¨       Who will be looking after inshore fisheries under the new structure?

¨       Who are the key inshore team contacts for particular topic areas under the new organisation design?

¨       How will the new inshore team engage with stakeholders?

¨       What will be the team’s key work areas over the next 12 months?


Confirmed Inshore Fisheries Team Appointments


The Inshore Team confirmed appointments are:  


¨       Fisheries Manager Inshore Fisheries - Leigh Mitchell

¨       Inshore Fisheries Team Leaders - Steve Halley, Rose Grindley, and John Taunton-Clark

¨       Inshore Fisheries Analysts - Erin Breen,   Tony Brett, Tania Cameron, Celina Garcia, Graeme McGregor, Alicia McKinnon, Laura Mitchell, Alan Moore, plus 4 analyst appointments yet to be confirmed.


Information on the new Ministry of Fisheries structure and other appointments is available on our website:   


Contacts, Engagement, and Work Areas


Over the next eight weeks, the Inshore Fisheries Team will be developing a new work programme while also continuing to deliver on existing commitments.   To maintain good communication while this planning phase occurs, we have put in place interim contacts for key topic areas to assist you.


Over the next eight weeks, your first point of contact for fisheries-specific matters should be as follows:


·         Inshore Finfish – John Taunton-Clark                             09 820 7687

·         Inshore Shellfish (including paua) – Rose Grindley          03 474 2689

·         Rock Lobster – Steve Halley                                         04 819 4622

·         Freshwater – Steve Halley                                            04 819 4622

      ·     Seaweeds – Steve Halley                                               04 819 4622


Over the next eight weeks, your first point of contact for sector-based matters should be as follows:


·         Customary – your usual Pou Hononga and/or Pou Takawaenga contact

·         Recreational – John Taunton-Clark                                09 820 7687

·         Commercial  – Rose Grindley                                        03 474 2689

      ·    Environmental – Steve Halley                             04 819 4622


These people can also be reached by phoning your nearest MFish office and asking the telephonist to put you through.   Alternatively, their e-mail addresses are all


I recognise that not all queries will fit neatly into one of these categories.   Please do not hesitate to call me or one of the team leaders with other queries and, if we cannot help you, we will connect you with the right person.


We ask for your understanding as we go through this change to the way we engage and work together.   We aim to keep you regularly up-dated over the next period as we work on the way forward and complete research planning for this year.   Please check our website at to catch up on the latest MFish news.



Yours sincerely,


Leigh Mitchell

Fisheries Manager Inshore Fisheries