President Doug Saunders-Loder Questions MPA Process


From: Doug Loder
Sent: Monday, 28 September 2009 4:58 p.m.
To: 'Hon. Phil Heatley (MIN)'
Cc: ''
Subject: FW:

Good afternoon Minister,
I attach the following newspaper article regarding the circus pretending to be called a Marine Protected Areas Process.
It is clear that not only the fishing industry are disenfranchised by the process. The locals are indicating publically that they too, are less than 'happy campers'.
Minister, this is a Labour driven policy that you should divorce yourself from.
I note within your recently released Fisheries 2030 Report that actions to support Environment Outcomes include the following strategic actions -   

                          6.1 Action = 'Implement a REVISED marine protected area policy and legal framework'.

I understand that this was approved by cabinet just recently and believe that this is a far more acceptable approach than the process that has occurred to date. 

If you want to save some money and provide people with the confidence to participate in reviewing the MPA Policy and legal framework going forward you would be far better to knock the current process on the head. 
To date, the entire process has upset a whole lot of people. People that will miss out on future oppurtunities in the face of a biased and unsubstantiated process that recommends 'locking out' as the only tool for environmental protection. All of that in an unbalanced and arbitrary manner.
I respectfully urge you to intervene, stop this process and stay true to your Fisheries 2030 Strategy which has the support of your political colleagues and I'm sure, a great many voters.
Cheers, Doug.