Regional level

With the increasing trend towards regional management initiatives, the Federation works to assist those groups that have developed regional plans such as the formation of Stakeholder Groups and the Area 7 & 8 Regional Forum.

The Federation can provide or has access to key information on national issues, such as legislative and regulatory matters, and expertise in relation to environmental, traditional, scientific and recreational information that will assist with the development of plans that will encompass all possible perspectives.

We can also act as facilitators in bringing together User Groups to discuss these issues. Over the years the Federation has been active in establishing a wide network of contacts that can ensure that there is representation at meetings.

As the future unfolds we see an increase in issues that impact upon most, if not all, members of the fishing industry.

The Federation also actively promotes the use of voluntary agreements on fisheries access matters, rather than regulatory or legislatively imposed rules. This enables fishers and other users to take an active role in the management of their fisheries without the intervention of Government bodies.

As we face frustration in dealing with many separate regional groups so too do other national organisations trying to contact the geographically diverse fishing operators. The Federation is a key link in speeding the process and ensuring coverage is as wide as possible.