National Level

Picture of the Dolphin fishing vessel It is at the national level where the Federation works most actively on behalf of its membership. The importance of political lobbying and dialogue with government officials is an integral part of the decision making process and one that needs constant attention. Ultimately, almost all of the important final decisions on fisheries issues are made in Wellington and it is essential that that this dialogue and active lobbying is maintained within the corridors of legislative power.

Over the years the Federation has established an effective framework for accessing key personnel within government departments and other national bodies. This allows, in most cases, a more rapid response in addressing problems or issues that may effect the Federation's membership. The Federation provides national representation for the small to medium sized participants in the fishing industry. The Federation is continually involved with promoting the interests of its membership in a large number of national forums throughout the year. This is a significant commitment of time and resources on behalf of the Federation members.

Executive Committee Members and our management team ensure a high level of involvement in the TACC setting process, which is carried out from November to September annually. Through engagement in the Fishery Assessment Working Group meetings, Plenary and the annual sustainability and management controls consultation process, the Federation ensures its contribution to the seafood industry's submissions to the Minister of Fishery on possible TACC changes, and Cost Recovery levies for the upcoming fishing year.

Federation policy is set at its Annual Conference and AGM. This usually takes place in April or May and is held at a different location each year with the main focus being to keep in close contact with our various port associations. The Federation's website and regular newsletters to its members provide an up-to-date account of current issues and policies.

Important documents that are received by e-mail are forwarded to every member who has provided the Federation Office with an e-mail address. Federation members who have access to the internet are also encouraged to access this website to log-on to the private Member Services page where they can avail themselves of a range of services that are available to members only. These services will ultimately include:

  • Buy, sell and exchange services;
  • On-line discussion pages for members to contribute ideas and seek advice in resolving issues;
  • Access to Federation submissions to government on fishing related issues.