This Safety section has been sponsored by The New Zealand Shipwreck Welfare Trust. The aim is to help to improve safety on board commercial fishing vessels through the provision of training material and resources to inform companies, skippers and crew members on issues relating to vessel safety. The main objective of The New Zealand Shipwreck Welfare Trust is to provide prompt financial assistance to widows and families of New Zealand Seafarers who are lost at sea in pursuit of their calling.

The Trust provides an ongoing grant of $800.00 for a period of nine months. By this time the Inquest may have been held and all insurance and welfare benefits are underway. The families appreciate this financial support of the NZSWT, which in most cases comes as a pleasant surprise in a time of need and grief. The Trust can also make ex-gratia payments to people and organisations involved in the maritime industry if it is deemed necessary by the Trustees. Other objectives are to afford financial and other support to the promotion of safety at sea, and to create greater awareness amongst mariners of safety issues.

Although the Trust was formed in 1998 it took over the assets and work of the Shipwreck Relief Society of New Zealand Inc. which was established in Dunedin in 1902. The Shipwreck Relief Society and its successor have been involved in all the major shipwrecks since 1902, such as the Penguin 1909, Wimmera 1918, Manuka 1929, Niagara 1940, Holmglen 1959, Kaitawa 1966, Maranui 1968, Wahine 1968, Marie Luisa 1996 and the Kotuku in 2006.

Donations to the Trust come from a variety of companies and individuals. The major contribution each year comes from the New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen. At their annual conference an auction is held to raise money for the Trust. 2008 was something special with a cheque of $34,635.00 raised. The Trust appreciates the effort and hard work that goes into this evening each year and without this our work would be severely hindered.

The New Zealand Shipwreck Welfare Trust still has its head office in Wellington. For all matters relating to the Trust email

On behalf of the Trustees I wish this web site of the New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen (Inc.) every success.