About Us


dolphin The New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen (Inc.) originated in the South Island in 1953 and in a relatively short order spread to the North Island. Just prior to 1953 some established Fishermen's Associations recognised the need to represent themselves on a national level over such matters as fisheries management issues, licensing, fish pricing, nautical matters and a wide range of other issues which were impacting on them. Since that time the Federation has progressively grown to become the recognised owner-operator's national body.

The Federation essentially represents the owner-operators from all sectors of the Industry, however membership is open to all persons with Fishing Industry connections and thus assists Members at National, Regional and Local Association levels, and where appropriate on an individual basis.

The Structure

The New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen (Inc) is an Incorporated Society (under the Incorporated Societies Act) and is a Federation of Associations of fishermen who, by their affiliation, support the national body. The national body (the Federation's National Executive) is elected by its Members at the Annual Conference from the ranks and comprises of:

  • 1 President
  • 1 Vice-President
  • 7 Committee Members

The election of the Officers and the policy making decisions are carried out per the standard democratic process of one person, one vote.

The National Executive Committee promotes and exercises the policy decreed by the membership and attends to the day-to-day administrative affairs of the organisation.

In this the Executive Committee is assisted by permanent part-time staff, comprising:

  • NZFCF Admin Officer based in Wellington

Other people with particular skills are also engaged from time to time to carry out specific duties and functions.