Association Level

Each of the port associations affiliated to the Federation is autonomous in its own right and fishermen members of that port association become members of the Federation by virtue of their membership of that association, provided that the association is formally affiliated to the national body (the Federation). There are currently 27 commercial fishermen's port associations affiliated to the Federation and there are also a number of independent members.

The port associations are located in the coastal ports throughout the full length and breadth of the country and members are engaged in various forms of commercial fishing. Independent membership is accepted, however those members are encouraged to affiliate through their local port association so that a unified consensus of opinion can be projected from each area.

Through its Wellington office, the Federation services its members with a constant flow of information and updates and proffers advice on request.

All important documents from Seafood New Zealand and government departments are forwarded by e-mail to the Executive Committee, and to those Association Secretaries, Association Presidents and NZFCF members who have provided us with their e-mail address.

Submissions are prepared and presented, and negotiations carried out on behalf of the membership at all levels.

Numerous special projects are initiated and developed from time to time.

With the help of Seafood New Zealand staff the Federation maintains a close liaison with all the major industry organisations, so that all members can be kept informed of the wider issues that may impact upon their fishing operations.

Members actively participate in shaping Federation policy each year through their local port associations by development of formal written remits which are sent forward to the Federation's annual National Conference for ratification by the membership at large at the Annual General Meeting.