Membership of the Society is open to Active Fishermen, ITQ Holders, Permit Holders, Associations of Fishermen, and other people approved by the Executive Committee. If you have any questions about membership, please contact us.

An "Active Fisherman" is someone who is actively engaged in commercial fishing either part time or full time, including owners, part-owners, lessees or purchasers in possession of any fishing boat who has control and discretion of any fishing operation.

"ITQ Holder" is any person or company or association of persons or companies who is registered as the legal owner or lessee of an Individual Transferable Quota under the Fisheries Act.

"Permit Holder" is a person who holds a fishing permit under the Fisheries Act to take fish for sale.

However, if you are a member of an Association of Fishermen (which is a member of the Federation) you are not entitled to be an individual member of the Federation.

Applications for membership must be made in writing to the President. The Executive Committee will approve or decline each application.

Honorary life memberships are based on a nomination process, with the nomination ratified by the Executive Committee and confirmed at an Annual General Meeting.

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